How To Get A Steady Flow Of Fresh NEW And PROVEN Marketing Strategies You Can Instantly Apply To Attract More And Better Quality Customers

The Apprentice Club is a Master Mind group that takes you beyond the Toolkit or Blueprint and gives you these key success elements:

  1. A steady flow of fresh new ideas, encouragement, and training to become a true marketing master. No one becomes a marketing genius overnight; that's why this program is so important to your success. The regular flow of new ideas and strategies, as well as the success stories of other IT business owners, will encourage and inspire you. If nothing else, this program will serve as a monthly "kick-in-the-pants" reminder to keep marketing.
  2. Marketing updates and specific examples of what's working for other IT businesses right now. Obviously new market opportunities crop up every day; my goal is to help you capitalize on the latest trends.
  3. Done-for-you marketing campaigns to make it incredibly easy to get campaigns implemented. You will receive a done-for-you "TechTip" postcard that is a mini-newsletter and promotional piece all in one. If you don't have time to plan, write, and design monthly campaigns, this benefit ALONE is worth your monthly membership fee.

What You Will Receive As A Member To The "Apprentice Club":

New Marketing Campaigns As They Are Developed

New Marketing Campaigns As They Are DevelopedI am constantly learning and developing new strategies, tools, and campaigns to sell technology products and services. As a member, you'll get instant, up-to-the-minute access to every new strategy I discover, as well as new campaigns as they are created and tested.

Sometimes these campaigns will be sent to you in the Marketing Strategy Brief Newsletter. Others will simply be posted online. Here are just a few of the items we've posted in the last year:
  • New campaigns for selling backup and disaster recovery solutions, managed services, server upgrades, and more!
  • Web site campaigns, e-mails, squeeze pages, blogs and online newsletters.
  • Scripts, letters and strategies for fueling quality referrals.
  • Excellent newsletter examples and strategies.
  • Yellow Pages, newspaper and trade journal ads.
  • Telemarketing scripts for building and cleaning lists.

Marketing Deep Dive

Marketing Deep DiveThe Marketing Deep Dive is a monthly live webinar with Robin Robins, where she will conduct a "dive deep" overview of a single marketing campaign and answer your questions on how to successfully implement it, as well as what NOT to do to avoid failure. Since this is a WEBINAR, you MUST REGISTER using the link we will provide for each session on the dashboard. All sessions will be recorded and posted for you to review at your convenience; however, to ask question, you must attend these events LIVE.

Million Dollar Earners Series Audio Recording Library

Million-Dollar Earners SeriesThis Audio Recording Library features Robin Robins interviewing the CEOs of IT services firms generating $10-million-plus in revenue to uncover their strategies and secrets for securing fast, profitable growth. The interviews focused on finding out how they grew so quickly and how they are continuing to secure fast growth, prime clients, and top margins.
Million Dollar Earners Interview: David E. Eisner - President and CEO, Dataprise

Monthly Marketing Strategy Brief

Monthly Marketing Strategy BriefEvery month you'll receive a 16 page report packed with new sales strategies and marketing examples that you can put to use immediately in your business.

I'll cover every imaginable marketing and sales tool including direct mail, web site strategies, e-mail, pay-per-click search engines, yellow page ads, trade shows, networking events, brochures, sales scripts, and more.

I'll also send you examples of successful marketing campaigns used by your peers and explain why they work, how they work, and how you can put them to use in your business for immediate results. Where else can you get a monthly flood of instant money-making ideas specific to your business?

Monthly Marketing Strategy Brief Sample
Click here to download a sample of this monthly report.

Live Q&A Consulting Teleseminars With Robin

These teleseminars give you the opportunity to ask me questions about implementing various marketing strategies in the Toolkit or Managed Services Blueprint programs.

You also get to hear my answers to questions from other callers to discuss new strategies, campaigns, and tactics for maximizing client value, attracting new clients, selling managed services, generating referrals, implementing campaigns, forming strategic partnerships, and much more!

The "How To Series" - Peer Marketing Blueprints

The How To Series - Peer Marketing BlueprintsEach month Jeff Johnson will conduct an Interview with one of our top performing clients that has mastered a marketing strategy in their business. During these interviews you will learn the exact steps they took to implement their strategy, how they overcome obstacles and how you can avoid these same mistakes to build a powerful marketing system in YOUR IT business.

Call Examples Include:
  • "How To Use CyberCrime Seminars To Educate Your Clients And Sell Paid Assessments On The Spot"
  • "How I Took 2,806 Cold Prospects And The Bad Date Campaign And Systematically Turned That Into $12K+ in Monthly Recurring Revenue"
  • "How To Put On Educational Webinars That Sell Big"
  • "How To Systematize Your Canvassing Program To Generate Leads, Appointments, Project Work And Monthly Recurring Revenue"
  • "How To Use A Book To Gain Instant Credibility In Your Market"

Exclusive Group Rate For E&O Insurance

For our members, the risk landscape is continually changing - unauthorized access; failure of your products or services to perform as intended; introduction of malicious code; copyright & trademark infringement; theft or breach of client private data and network security – these are just some of the business risks you face when running your business. To help meet your insurance needs quickly and accurately, we are pleased to introduce the Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. Insurance Program. Some of the specific benefits of this program are as follows:
  • E&O Coverage from either A++ or A rated carriers
  • The most competitive and preferred rates and deductibles available (seriously)
  • The best coverage forms and endorsements available
  • The ability to simply elect optional coverage if and when needed
  • Fast response times - quotes are generally ready the same day or next business day
  • Ability to add General Liability, Property, Workers Comp, Employment Practices Liability, Crime and other coverages as needed.

To Learn More Or To Sign Up For Apprentice Club, Contact Us:

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