Client Reviews

Learning To Work ON Our Business Rather Than Just IN Our Business Has Been A Huge Game-Changer

"Technology Marketing Toolkit has completely changed the culture at Tier3MD. As a team, we are more engaged and involved in our business. We have learned how to become “business people” and have paid more attention to ways to increase revenue by implementing annual increases in our contracts, offering ancillary services, and initiating projects just by being attentive to our clients. We are true believers that this system works!"
Sheryl J. Cherico

I Can't Imagine Where My Business Would Be Today Had I Not Joined

"I have been a member of Robin's program for a little over a year now and it has been the single biggest thing I have done to help take my business to that next level. Not only are the materials, phone calls, webinars, quarterly meetings and boot camps the foundation for all our marketing strategies, but I have made numerous friends from across the country who are likeminded people which I believe is a key component to our continued success. Robin understands the challenges IT business owners face and her strategies are constantly evolving with the changing economy to help us adapt and grow in a tougher environment. I can't imagine where my business would be today (or even if I would still be in business) had I not joined this coaching program."
Eric Rieger
WEBIT Services

I Would Recommend IT Business Owners To Become Part Of A Peer Group And This Is The Best One I Have Found

"I have been a client of Robin since 2006. I have also been part of the 36 Month Millionaire, Managed Services Blueprint, Martin Howey sales training and most recently the Robin Robins Genius League. My business has more than doubled in the last four years and I have Robin to thank for that growth. It has been an uphill battle but with the help of the Producers club and my Accountability Group, I have developed the tools to work "on" my business instead of "in" my business. I also have made several great friends from the group. These friends are always available when I need technical help or just a kick in the pants. I would recommend IT business owners to become part of a Peer Group and this is the best one I have found."
Mark Marley
Network Computer Solutions, LLC

Making The Commitment Has Brought Us To The Next Level

"We have seen a vast difference in our business since joining Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit. We've seen our competitors and other businesses fail because they didn't have a marketing plan. We get so "pumped up" at her meetings that we can't wait to get back to work; full of new ideas and inspiration."
Pam & David Snell
American Computer Technologies

A Whole Bunch Of Great Guys And Gals Who Are All In The Same Boat

"You're signing on to pull the plow of your business with a whole bunch of great guys and gals who are all in the same boat, dealing with the same struggles as you are – and most of them highly successful at it. It has become way more than a group that meets on what great ideas are you implementing around marketing, to what great ideas are you imple¬menting around BUSINESS, and obviously, we're talking here about SMB outsourced IT businesses."
Lauren Groff
Groff NetWorks

Without This Membership, I Highly Doubt That I Would Have Increased My Revenue Last Year By 115%

"Quite simply, membership in Robin's program is an essential part of my business plan. My membership not only helps me plan my marketing but also plays a critical role in other areas of my business.. Robin has introduced me to countless resources that have improved my business operations, sales practices, and overall life balance. Additionally, working with other IT business owners in the accountability groups, sharing ideas and best practices, has increased my motivation to succeed and is a priceless component of being a member of a group such as the producers club. Without this membership, I highly doubt that I would have increased my revenue last year by 115%!"
JeanMarie Richadson
The Digital Architects

Robin's Marketing Generated Well Over $140,000 In New Revenue In A Short Period Of Time

"With Robin's marketing program, my company saw results fast! Right away we closed one deal resulting in approximately $50,000 a year in recurring revenue! I can confidently say Robin's marketing has generated well over $140,000 in new recurring revenue in a very short period of time. The progress we made over a 10-week period using Robin's marketing was more than we accomplished in all of last year. I'm a pretty big skeptic and I looked long and hard on the Internet for somebody saying something negative to confirm my skepticism in regards to Robin's program. I came up empty handed and I am so glad I did. I want to thank Robin a million times over!"
Matthew Palmer