Frequently Asked Questions

The Toolkit and Managed Services Kit were designed to give you the fundamental strategies and tools you need to build a powerful client attraction and marketing system in your business. However, I received many requests from Toolkit clients for some type of affordable coaching to help them further their education and skills in sales and marketing and to provide on-going encouragement and direction. That is when I launched the Apprentice Club. This program was designed to give my clients three things:


  1. A steady flow of fresh new ideas, encouragement, and training to become a true marketing master. No one becomes a marketing genius overnight; that’s why this program is so important to your success. The regular flow of new ideas and strategies as well as the success stories of other IT business owners will encourage and inspire you. If nothing else, this program will serve as a monthly “kick-in-the-pants” reminder to keep marketing.
  2. Marketing updates and specific examples of what’s working for other IT businesses right now. Obviously new market opportunities crop up every day; my goal is to help you capitalize on the latest trends.
  3. Done-for-you marketing campaigns to make it incredibly easy to get campaigns implemented. As an Apprentice Club Member, you have access to hundreds of done-for-you “TechTip” postcards that are mini-newsletters and promotional pieces all in one. If you don’t have time to plan, write, and design monthly campaigns, this benefit ALONE is worth your monthly membership fee.
You are only committed for as long as you like. You may cancel the program at any time and incur no penalties or fees. I believe the quality of the material will cause you to stay a client forever. Currently, less than 10% of the people who sign up cancel their membership, and most of them cancel due to personal reasons – not because they were disappointed with the quality of the coaching and materials provided.

That is the WORST decision you could make!


Waiting around for enough time to work ON your business is always a bad idea because the “right” time NEVER comes along. There is always some project, problem, or issue that takes up your time and attention.


If you wait around for the “perfect” time to come along, you’ll spin your wheels for months, maybe even YEARS making zero headway and getting so caught up in working IN your business that you never take time to work ON your business. The process of attracting new, profitable clients is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing for any business because most of your stress, problems, and anxieties come from NOT having enough new revenue coming in.


If nothing else, membership will provide you with a regular, healthy dose of encouragement along with the specific strategies you need to be successful. What else could you possibly spend your money on that would give you as much in return?


And finally, you don’t have to implement every single thing I give or teach you to see value from the membership. The reason I include so much is because different clients will see value in different benefits. For example, many members simply use the TechTip postcard. Others LOVE the monthly live webinars that include Q&A With Robin, Marketing Deep Dive and How To Series Peer Interviews. Some remain a member just to receive the Marketing Strategy Brief to keep up with what’s working for their peers.


The question you should ask yourself is, which one of the upcoming and recorded webinars holds the answer you’ve been searching for to your most nagging problems? What one strategy or idea will you fail to learn that would have opened up new doors for growth and profits? What one strategy will you miss that could be the key you’ve been desperately seeking to turn things around?


Unfortunately you will never know what opportunities you lost, the ideas you missed, or the connections you failed to make if you cancel now. If your business is not producing the kind of revenue, profits, or growth that you want, then you would be crazy to opt-out of this program.

On several occasions, I have encountered small business owners in the IT industry that are really struggling to make ends meet. It’s almost tragic to hear their stories about how poorly they are doing.


Funny thing is, these same people are the ones who resist to the bitter end when it comes to feeding their minds by attending seminars, learning about sales and marketing, or getting involved with industry groups like Apprentice Club – even though they are the ones that need it the MOST.


They think, “If I was doing better financially and in my business, I would have no problem investing some money into this kind of program.” But the truth is, successful people and businesses earn big profits because they invest in learning and growing their business; not the other way around.


This principle is true in the IT industry as well as every other field or endeavor. You will be hard pressed to find top business owners or professionals that don’t regularly invest in “feeding their minds”. Quite honestly, if your business is doing so poorly that you cannot afford the mere pittance of an enrollment fee into this program, then that is all the more reason you need to participate.

The Apprentice Club is a stepping stone to the Accelerators Club and eventually to the Producers Club levels. These programs are NOT for whiners, procrastinators, or small-thinkers.

Those who are looking to accelerate or fast-track their learning and success with the Toolkit through additional group and 1-on-1 coaching make the decision to upgrade to the Accelerators Club – our mid-level Master Mind program.


To learn more about these programs, or to enroll in the Accelerators Club, please call our office at 615-790-5011.


IMPORTANT: Only our top Accelerators Club members who have established proficiency and consistency in marketing, have mastered the marketing fundamentals AND have achieved a minimum revenue size in their business will be considered for invitation to move up to the elite level of the Producers Club.